Sunday, November 21, 2010

A THANKSful day of GIVING at Saint Marys

What a lab of giving and thanks at Saint Marys this past Monday. I know I am thankful for having a great lab experience in which we did a number of things that showed what we are happy for every day. We played a number of games and drills in which we watched the students perform basic kicking skills and stationary bouncing skills. We observed two students who both seemed to struggle alot with stationary bouncing skills. However the students both did alot better with the kicking skills. It was good too see that the students understood basic kicking and were enthusiastic to practice and have fun with the games and drills we had set up for the students. I wish we could spend more time at Saint Marys but we only have one more lab left but I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas with the students and seeing how excited they can and will get for our Christmas lab that we will have prepared for them.

Happy Thanksgiving Saint Marys !!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Spooktacular Time at Saint Mary's School

Our Expirence at Saint Mary's for Halloween was a fun and fantastic time... We played many games and working with the Pre-K kids was a blast. They are very good at listening to directions and not wanting to be outcasts and do different things that the older students do. The students really like our costumes and asked many questions about what candy we were going to eat and where do we trick or treat. My favorite part of the night however was listening to all the children explain what they were going to be for Halloween !!! I hope our next lab that comes up is going to be good and as fun as our last lab....