Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa's Sleigh Stops at Saint Mary's

Our final lab experience for the Fall of 2010 at Saint Mary's was an amazing experience that included a number of Christmas and Holiday touches !!! I cant believe it was our last lab already but OH how much I have learned from my times at Saint Mary's. Our last lab was so much fun for a number of reasons but mainly because of how happy all the students were with the way we were all dressed up and showing the Christmas spirit. It was great to see the students really embrace our costumes and even the older students enjoyed them and joked around with us Cortland students. My favorite part of the last lab however was the parachute games and how much the students loved to play all the different games we had planned. Taking something so simple like a parachute and being able to do so much with it really defines Physical Education in some aspects. I think it is great because it shows how something so simple can go so far and have such an impact on so many students. I will truly miss all the fun times I had at Saint Mary's but I will take forward so many good learning experiences on in becoming a Physical Educator !!!

Merry Christmas Saint Mary's