Sunday, October 24, 2010

Justice Leauge unites at Saint Marys

Everyone at Saint Mary's on monday got a good dose of Superhero fun during our lab expirence!!! Many of the students loved the Superhero theme and were anxious to tell us who their favorite superheros were. We played a number of games in which the students showed how enthusiastic they were for us to have chosen the Superhero theme. I know during my game the students went to several different stations in which I had different superheros. At each station they did a different superhero pose in which the students loved the idea of being multiple superheros. I also learned that using music is a great way to grab the attention of the students and that having the students repeat the directions of my games back to me allows me to know that I am efficiently giving directions the correct way !!! I cant wait until this Monday in which we are using the Halloween theme... I am curious to think what the students are going to think about our costumes and if they will have the same amount of energy if not more for this weeks lab !!!

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