Friday, October 1, 2010

If you're a PIRATE and you know it !!!!

Ahoy my fellow mateys ... what a cannon blast of fun lab was at Saint Mary's school this past week. Between walking the plank and college kids dressed as pirates I don't know where to start. Each of the four groups did an outstanding job of weathering the storm whether it be the chaos of kids screaming or teaching great games. The gym group did a great job in making tag a fun and easy game for all the kids to play. A simple game with so many variations the children enjoyed "toilet tag" and also "partners" tag. Another great game that the gym group played was leap frog. We also cant forget about turtle tag either... These games did a great job in showing the locomotive abilities of children and we clearly saw running, skipping and hopping. In the Cafeteria group we got a good lesson on how to play with Lego's and checkers again.A great game that the cafeteria group played in the gym was called "Twizzler" in which the kids did a twizzle like movement. In the Pre-K group we worked on coloring inside and outside of the lines. We worked on color associating with shapes and puzzles. The best part however was the book which was "How I became a Pirate" by Melinda Long and David Shannon. We can not forget about the special projects group either though... the pictures were great and the closet looks cleaner than ever before. A key term we learned about was executive control and also executive learning. These two terms relate to attaining attention of the children than teaching them something and knowing they understood and can perform what you taught them.  All in and all it was a great "heave ho" or push forward in making our Physical Education experience one that will last for ever !!!

Aaarrghhhh !!!

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