Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Arrghhh a Pirates day at Saint Mary's

Monday we had our first real lab expirence at Saint Mary's school. It was full of fun and after the exhausting time I realized I have alot to learn in order to become a good Physical Education teacher eventually. First I realized I wasnt being loud enough , than I couldnt get the childrens attetion and lastly I forgot certain points to my game in which I wanted to highlight. However I am not upset and I cant wait to go back and build on these expirences. I am so excited though by how we seem to have themes every week and the children really thrive on that fact. Some of the children were afraid of the pirates theme while others loved it and would have dressed up like pirates too if they had known. I also learned some key functions like executive control and executive function. I didnt think much of it when Professor Yang first told me because it seemed simple and I was over confident but after a minute of trying to explain the game I was teaching I knew what it meant to be able to make children understand and do what we are trying to teach to them. I am excited as well to learn new ways to teach children in ways in which they all understand and more easily picked up on. Thats all for this weeks lab write up... now off to walk the plank.... arghhhhhhh !!!!

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