Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chapter 1 - Learning through Movement not just Movement

After reading Chapter 1 I realized that my P.E class in high school wasn't a very good experience in how P.E should be taught. I guess I kind of feel a little robbed in the sense that because I was an athlete sports were fun for me so I didn't struggle with it as much. But after looking at how P.E is supposed to be taught I couldn't help but feel sorry for the kids I knew growing up that didn't participate in P.E. and I always looked at them funny and thought they just couldn't do it because they were not good enough. However now I realize that the way P.E class went did not encourage this children to be active and want to try and learn new and lifetime type sports. I love the concept of learning through movement opposed to learning to move. I think it is so smart to have cognitive development Incorporated into physical play and activities. This helps children that don't do so well in school stay on top of school work because it makes it fun. I also think it helps children that are smart because they can use their skills and ideas through sports to feel apart of the game and feel as if they are more than just a target in a game of dodge ball or an easy out in kickball. Chapter 1 does a good job explaining aims and goals of Physical Education and this is important in making sure that we reach these but not in the traditional old school Phys. Ed class setting. As times change we as advocates for Physical Education need to change as well to make sure everyone is included and our goals and aims are met.

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