Monday, September 27, 2010

DodgeBall can be Positive (+)

After reading the articles and looking at our book it is hard to see how Dodge Ball really fits in to an effective thing to teach in a Physical Education setting. However not everything we do in our Physical Education classes can always be something in which it is aimed towards our principles. I believe that Dodgeball is a reward for participating in other activites in PE in which many children consider boring or not fun after a certain age. Now the problem with this is that traditional dodgeball is not okay because it is too risky and is not a mainstream sport. In an article found the argument is made that many injuries occur in basketball, baseball and football in which children are targets and also in those sports in many cases there are eliminations of players based on how good the players are to play certian postions or play at all. I support having dodgeball as a reward based idea. However though we need to change the way dodgeball is played to protect children. Also we need to make it more enjoyable for everyone who is playing and not have traditonal roles in which one student is the one getting hit by the ball and another is the one hitting the other child. Like we discussed in class using other objects as targets highly reduces injuries and discoruagment to certain children who are usually targets. Also adding a number of modifications inlcuding team work , specific roles and other things could strongly improve the outcome of dodgeball. By changing how dodgeball is played you could identify that it is a great way for children to develope fine and gross motor skills in throwing and catching.

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