Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How children playing with sticks can be dangerous

In my opinion sticks can be very dangerous when related to sports or not related to sports... giving children sticks when their motor devlopment and other movement skills are limited is not a very good thing in my mind to do. I have seen on a number of ocassions accidents happen with baseball bats, hockey sticks and golf clubs. When I was 9 one of my best freinds walked near another child swinging a golf stick in a crazy motion and my freind was struck in the side of the face breaking his jaw and cheek bone. Depending on the age group some children can handle playing sports with sticks and no better than to swing the sticks in dangerous motions and what not. However according to this internet source article I found many eye injuries in sports are caused by blunt force trauma from sticks such as hockey sticks or lacrosse sticks. Even with proper eye protection and goggles injuries still accur at alarming rates when dealing with sports and eye injuries. Of the 40,000 eye cases reported each year one third of them occur while playing sports. Im not sure what age group exactly should be allowed to start using sticks and playing in stick sports because you have to learn some day and somehow but I believe we introduce these sports a little to earlier relating to our physical development and gross and fine motor skills.

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