Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Lab at Saint Mary's

Yesterday I had my first lab experience at Saint Mary's school. It was an exciting and very fun time for not only me but also my peers who also attended lab as well. Many of the children were very reluctant to talk to me when I engaged them in a basic conversation at first, but as time went on many of the same children warmed up and enjoyed playing games and just showing me what they could do. I look forward to many more lab experiences and I am excited to learn new games and ideas in which I can share with the children and eventually one day lead my own ideas and games to a number of children. One thing that was a little different to me was seeing the children fall so much and trying to remember if I myself fell that much too when I was little.The motor development from one child to another in some instances is very obvious. Many of the children would fall and get right back up in no time and be playing as hard if  not harder than before the fall. 

Lab Write Up 1


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